Multiple Application Setting Syncer 2 (MASS)

I.  Installation instructions.

Copy MASS.jar to the the 'snapins' directory where your copy of ConsoleOne lives.

II.  Usage instructions.

    a) Start ConsoleOne

    b) Highlight the application icons desired to be changed.

    c) Click the 'MASS' icon which will appear under 'ZENworks Utilites'.

    d) Select the settings to be changed.  The boxes are psuedo-tristate.

            - All settings are initially in the 'will not apply' state.

            - Click on the setting to put in the 'clear / active' state.

    e) Click 'apply' to begin making the changes.      

        Try a single application to begin with to ensure you understand the program.

III.  Notes

- Tested with ZEN 4.  Should be compatible will all versions version above ZEN2.

- Since the tri-state box currently uses the 'disabled' state as the third state, the snapin cannot be operated by keyboard alone.

IV.  Planned Additions

    - Ability to set Error Log Location and types of errors to record.

    - Ability to set an installation dependency (ZEN4) in multiple applications.

    - Launch/Distribution script engine setting (ZEN4).

V. Current Available Options

VI. Explanation of Tri-state Box (Above)

    - A greyed-out box WILL NOT be applied to any of the selected objects. Whether the objects have install only enabled or not, clicking 'Apply' will not change it.

    - An active but unchecked box WILL CLEAR the option in all selected objects whether it's currently enabled in those objects or not.

    - An active and checked box  WILL ACTIVATE the option in all selected objects.