RegReplace (Windows NT And Later)

Description & History:

The windows registry can be a very powerful configuration tool.  The Windows registry was implemented to store all configurable program and operating system settings.  For an IT administrator, it is occasionally convenient to change a single string in the registry multiple times.  For example, changing all references to 'John Fired Doe' to 'Bryan Berns' on a workstation or changing all reference from 'D:\' to 'C:\' in the case of a hard drive switch.  RegReplace, a program written in C++ using standard windows libraries, implements this functionality. 


  • Ability to search and/or replace registry settings recursively
  • Can do replacements on keys, names, and values of string settings (REG_MULTI_SZ, REG_EXPANDABLE_SZ, and REG_SZ).
  • Written and compatible with unicode compatibility
  • Ability to perform case sensitive / insensitive searches
  • Ability to search specific subkeys

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    Version Notes
    1.51 Initial Public Release

    Command Line Options:

    REGREPLACE /S String [/R String] [/K Key] [/M Machine] [OTHER PARAMS]

    /S Specifies the string to search for
    /R Specifies the string to replace the search string with
    /K Specifies a specific subkey to search from (default is HKLM/HKCU)
    /C Perform case sensitive search (default is insensitive)
    /M Specify a remote machine to search (default is local machine)
    /E Show key open access errors (common in HKLM\SYSTEM)
    /N Do not search subkeys (default search is recursive)
    /Q Runs silently. Do not show changes or errors while running
    /X Display some example command lines
    /? Displays this message

    - If no replace string is specified, the program will only do a search
    - If a string contains spaces in it, then enclose the string within quotes.
    - Use the /K switch to refine your search location and speedup your search.
    - All names/keys are searched, but only string values of are searched.

    Command Line Examples:

    Function: Searches entire registry for 'C:\WINNT' and reports findings

    Function: Searches entire registry for 'C:\WINNT' and replaces any
    occurences with 'C:\WINDOWS' while hiding results

    Function: Searches the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software key for 'C:\WINNT'
    and reports findings

    Command: REGREPLACE /K HKLM\Software /S C:\WINNT /C
    Function: Searches the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software key for 'C:\WINNT'
    with case sensitivity and reports findings

    Command: REGREPLACE /K HKEY_USERS /S "C:\Program Files" /M SERVER
    Function: Searches the HKEY_USERS key for "C:\Program Files" on the
    machine named 'SERVER' and reports findings