The following files are provided without support.  If you are allowed to use any code provided you mention its source or contact me beforehand.



ShortMod, a shortcut editting program.  Source code available upon request.

SHORTMOD.ZIP (Executable)
Source/Executable for a COM/ATL capture utility.  It can 'capture' registry manipulations in such files with extensions tlb, dll, ocx, and ax files.

CAPREG.EXE (Executable)

Perl file that turns a easily readable ROM file into a binary file used by Mentor Graphics. The file supports don't care (X) expansions. The syntax is BIN2ROL [BINFILE].

BIN2ROM.TXT (Rename to Perl)
CONTROL.BIN (Example Input)
CONTROL.ROM (Example Output)

Windows batch file that will export all application objects from an NDS tree.  It has three prerequisites: APPXPORT (ZEN Toolbox), AOTXPORT (ZEN Toolbox), and NLIST (NetWare System File).


Perl file to extract BIOS information from DELL machines running the OMCI client.  It uses WMI to interface with the system and the file is easily manipulated to acquire a range of information.  Run the file with no parameters to see usage.

BIOS.PL (Source)

A altered version of QuickResNT to automatically set and reset a resolution at launch.  These extra settings are easily set via the registry.  This configuration is desirable for a multi-user environment with resolution preferences.