News & Site History:

2008.12.10, Wednesday:
Tweaked resume slightly.

It's probably obvious I haven't been doing much 'open' work given my very 'closed' working envinorment right now. However, for any of you who still use any of my utilities, I can be reached via email for support.

2006.01.18, Friday:
Added a program called ShortMod, a command line shortcut editor for WIndows.   It can be found under the Programs, Other category.

2005.11.11, Friday:
Update all resume formats to reflect work at Lockheed Martin.

2005.05.07, Saturday:
Just finished my first month working at Lockheed Martin, KAPL in New York.  My resume page has been updated with my new address.

2005.01.10, Monday:
Added project 'QuickResXP' to the project list, an advanced version of QuickResNT.

2004.12.29, Wednesday: